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Bob's Burgers Flyer by KatKsudinami303 Bob's Burgers Flyer :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 0 0 Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Chapters 1 AND 2 by KatKsudinami303 Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Chapters 1 AND 2 :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 1 0
Germany x Reader x Prussia ~ Beauty and the Beast
    He sighed, sitting at the top of his tower, staring out into the rain silently. The same routine he'd been practicing for the past ten years. If only Ludwig had been more kind, more generous, he and his staff wouldn't have been condemned to this kind of torture. A dim pink, light shining in the corner caught his attention. He turned, deep blue eyes landing on a rose, hidden behind a glass case. The prince sighed, taking his head into his....hands, elbows resting on his knees.
    Letting out a soft grunt he stood, turning to the table and removing the glass "Who would have thought...that such a delicate flower could hold such a melancholy man's fate....." He reached out towards the pedals, drawing back when the rose sparkled and moved, the pedals spreading out in bloom. Wincing, the prince slid the glass back into place and moved out of the room, the door slamming behind him.
    He'd only have one more year
:iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 1 0
Toad by KatKsudinami303 Toad :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 3 3 Bob's Burgers by KatKsudinami303 Bob's Burgers :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 2 1 Polymer Clay Cat and Ball of Yarn Charms by KatKsudinami303 Polymer Clay Cat and Ball of Yarn Charms :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 0 2 M. Shaddows Pop Art by KatKsudinami303 M. Shaddows Pop Art :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 1 2 Sunflower by KatKsudinami303 Sunflower :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 2 0 New Hair by KatKsudinami303 New Hair :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 0 0 Ask Germany! by KatKsudinami303 Ask Germany! :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 0 0 Clara ~ Princess Jellyfish by KatKsudinami303 Clara ~ Princess Jellyfish :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 0 2 No-Face by KatKsudinami303 No-Face :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 0 0 P Bibbs :3 by KatKsudinami303 P Bibbs :3 :iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 2 0
Happy Easter ~ Prussia x Reader x England
 Just the word is enough to send your taste buds into a frenzy! Every one of your favorite candies transformed into egg and bunny shapes, all individually wrapped in hopes of granting your the pleasure of anticipation of feeling the ooey gooey creamy goodness on the tip of your taste buds. (Stop your dirty mind right there XD this is NOT a lemon!!!) You sank into the cushions of your couch, giggling to yourself knowing that you lived just a couple minutes drive away from the store. You could taste it now, every brand and flavor that you'd loved ever since you'd moved on from the prison of a baby bottle. Chocolate bunnies of every flavor, skittles, starburst, nerds and bubble gum all coming out with their own brand of jelly bean. Every gum brand from hubba bubba to cry baby molding themselves to reflect eggs, and every non-moldable brand of candy stuffing itself into a handheld plastic egg. Though, none of the many brands could compare to your favorit
:iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 6 9
Girls Just Want to Have Fun~Hetalia x Reader Ch.1
All six of you strode down the sidewalk, passing various shops and restaurants as the soft summer breeze passed through your hair. Alfred smiled a bit to himself, enjoying the breeze he got in his short hair even though every now and then a few strands tickled his nose. He closed his eyes, tilting his head to the side, when he suddenly snapped back to reality, hearing a whistle from across the street. His sky blue eyes shot open, meeting the eyes of the man across the street. Scoffing, he rolled his eyes, looking the other way to come face to face with his reflection in a store shop window, making him freeze in place. He observed his new slim figure and the way that your borrowed clothes hung quite nicely around it. A slow whimper built its way up in the pit of his throat before breaking the surface in a 'small' freak out.
   The rest of you turned around,
:iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 11 8
Girls Just Want To Have Fun~Hetalia x Reader Intro
     "Girls go to Mars to get more stars! Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider!"
    "Zhat doesn't even make any sense!"
    "Uhh, yeah it does. You can't spell Juipeter without the name Peter in it. Peter is a boy's name!"
    "Zhat isn't even how you spell Jupiter"
    You huffed, glaring at the cheeky albino. Gilbert was always annoying, but this past week he'd been especially egotistic. You could handle him gloating about how awesome he was on his 'normal' terms, but not when he expanded it canceling out your entire sex! I mean come on, your gender wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be. In fact, you were actually being the better person here by not joining in on the his level of course. ^^
    "Gil, ______, knock it off. You'll have plenty of time to 'flirt' when ______'s making us sandwiches later
:iconkatksudinami303:KatKsudinami303 14 6


Mission Possible by kawacy Mission Possible :iconkawacy:kawacy 13,906 338
Hide and Kiss - Prussia x Reader
You glanced at yourself in the mirror. You were wearing the olive green American military uniform Ludwig's boss had stolen from Alfred's base camp. It was a little big on you but nothing a few alterations can't fix! After making a couple adjustments here and there, you buttoned up your top, picked up your matching helmet, and exited the tent. 
Around the same time, Ludwig and Gilbert walked out of their tents wearing the same uniform as you. Unlike you and Ludwig, Gilbert had a bomber jacket thrown over his disguise. "Check it out Frau!" Gilbert propped a leg onto a nearby crate and gave you one of his showstopper diplomatic poses. "Do I look American yet? Kesesese!"
Gosh dammit, he didn't look American but he looked hella hot.
You continued to stare at him with your mouth agape in awe at the fine gift the heavens had bestowed upon you while Ludwig folded him arms, unamused. "You look suspicious."
"What? But I have the bomber jacket, the laugh, and everything!"
You t
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 483 135
KnT - 114 by Z-T00N KnT - 114 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 6,397 727 WP 20170312 17 31 43 Pro (3) by GrizzlyMagnum88 WP 20170312 17 31 43 Pro (3) :icongrizzlymagnum88:GrizzlyMagnum88 3 0 Trish and Veruca by UrsulaDecay Trish and Veruca :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 886 82 Moana by daekazu Moana :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,183 73 KnT - 96 by Z-T00N KnT - 96 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 6,993 535 OLD SHEET IGNORE by Dottea OLD SHEET IGNORE :icondottea:Dottea 37 0 Can we take just one decent picture by UrsulaDecay Can we take just one decent picture :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 803 83 Kissing Cousins (WIP sketch) by s0alaina Kissing Cousins (WIP sketch) :icons0alaina:s0alaina 68 3 Yoosung by Al1ceW0nder Yoosung :iconal1cew0nder:Al1ceW0nder 16 1 [Mystic Messenger] Yoosung Babe by Neuronii [Mystic Messenger] Yoosung Babe :iconneuronii:Neuronii 772 19 Yandere!Yoosung by TRlCKKY-V Yandere!Yoosung :icontrlckky-v:TRlCKKY-V 899 56 Daenerys by Claparo-Sans Daenerys :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 2,775 48 Mystic Messenger - Zen by Claparo-Sans Mystic Messenger - Zen :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 3,779 48 Mystic Messenger - Jumin Han by Claparo-Sans Mystic Messenger - Jumin Han :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 5,247 70



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Jordan Black
United States
I love anime but I'm not very good at drawing it, haha. I still make an effort tho!! I'll upload anything I draw even if it sucks >< I have an old account on here and this is my new one so if you see any of the pics on here just know they're mine I just switched accounts ^^ I also love when other artists give their input so feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments

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